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The Finn class in the UK is administered by the British Finn Association, (BFA). Full membership of the BFA includes membership of the International Finn Association (IFA). There is no personal membership of the IFA, the only way is to compete in an IFA or NFA sanctioned event is to be a member of a recognised and approved National Finn Association (NFA), such as the BFA. The British Finn Association is a member of the IFA and pays a contribution to the IFA (based on the number of BFA members). The IFA issues an annual boat sticker to subscribed BFA members, so you need to have your sticker displayed to compete in any BFA or IFA events.

All British Finn Association annual memberships fees are due from 1st January, please use the Web collect system by following the link below, or click here, to make your renewal or register from new if you are a new member. Any problem, please contact the Membership Secretary Chris Barbary via the Contact Us form. There is a BFA WebCollect user guide available here.

The BFA annually elects a small committee that works closely with the RYA and the IFA for the benefit of its members and to help grow the class.


Manage your Membership Online!

We have set up a new simple and secure way to register for open meetings and manage your membership online. We encourage ALL our members to use this system to make it easy for both you and the BFA to deal with payments efficiently.



Benefits of Membership:

  • Entry to all BFA and IFA events worldwide.
  • Members are sent the IFA Magazine FINNFARE, three times a year.
  • Help and advice on tuning and sailing technique from class experts.
  • Very active boat and used gear marketplace on the website forum.
  • Option to purchase a personal sail number.
  • Annual Masters magazine and yearbook.
  • Regional weekend open meetings organised with great prizes.
  • National, Inland Championships and a Traveller’s Series each year.
  • Classics with Carbon fleet, with their own prizes at major championships.
  • An active Masters section with national/international competitions in stunning venues each year; medemblik, The Netherlands in 2021 plus a European Masters championship on Lake Balaton, Hungary in September 2021.
  • Meet some friendly, sociable sailors of all levels.
  • Coaching and training arranged with top Olympic squad coaches.
  • Coaching and support for U23 sailors attending the Silver Cup – U23 World Championships.

Full membership of the BFA for 2021 is £50.00. Under 23 membership (under 23 on 1st Jan) is £27.50. Associate membership is now only £10.00 and is now open to owners of Classic Finns (built before 1985) and entitles them to participate in BFA Open meetings. Any sailor who borrows a Finn to participate in BFA Events is entitled to do so as an Associate member.

Non boat-owning associate members are welcome. Become part of the UK’s most successful Olympic class.

We encourage all members to use the simple and secure system above to manage their subscriptions.

To download the Constitution Click Here.



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