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    Peter VintonPeter Vinton

    GBR 499 is a 1981 (July) Vanguard built for Martin Van Leeuwen, the then Vanguard agent for Europe.
    He sailed it in a Gold Cup then it was returned to the factory to have a double floor fitted before being shipped to Europe.
    The double floor was the prototype for a kit to retrofit to earlier boats and is excellent. I bought the boat in 1983, kept it until 1996 then bought
    it back a while ago. It has been modernised with the devoti adjustable deck ring, a carbon mast, North film sails, newish ropes and is in good almost original
    condition. I have the original measurement certificate. It will be for sale as a package including several sails, top and bottom covers, lifting and fixed rudders and a combi launching trolley/trailer.
    It is difficult to fix a price for the boat but I would like to see £2000 for the complete package but would consider selling it without the road trailer for a bit less.
    I have a number of photos of the boat which I can whatsapp (or see if they will email) to anyone who might be interested.
    My mobile phone number is 07813 704739
    Patrick Moore
    The boat will be kept at my home near Brecon, Wales, from Easter weekend onwards.

    Robert Youde

    Bit of a long shot but would you be interested in selling the lifting rudder separately and if so how much ?

    Best regards rob


    Boat now sold.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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