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    2004 Devoti GBR 634 For Sale, dry boat in very good condition

    Very reluctant sale as I have 2 Finns but can only sail one of them. This is one of the famous Finns built in the 2004 Olympic year with the big centreboard. These were subsequently outlawed but are still legal on the original boats through grandfather rights.

    This is a fast Finn with a good pedigree. Everything is in good condition and working well.
    Weight 116kg Correctors 0.5kg Reweighed and re-gyrated May 2009
    Gyration Numbers available

    Specification as follows
    Big Centreboard Finn
    Silver Needlespar Boom
    Tactic compass
    Hiking Pad Extenders (included in 116 kg)
    Hand Adjustable Centreboard Bolt
    Continuous Control Lines
    Refurbished Bailers
    Twin Drainage Tubes
    Combi Trolley/Trailer (renewed hubs)
    Boom Up Over Cover
    Under Cover
    Fixed Rudder with new unused tiller and carbon fibre tiller extension with cover

    Priced to sell at £3,800

    Contact nigelmilligan50@gmail.com

    Could possibly assist with delivery for cost of fuel.

    Available separately

    Wilke mast – very good condition with a recent little used titanium halyard lock. Good numbers – available on request. With mast bag.

    Lifting Rudder with carbon fibre tiller extension.



    Boat now sold and Donation made.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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