Rodney Cobb of Suntouched Sailboats and Andrew Wylam have highlighted a potential failure to some Finn mainsheet central jammers that may have inadvertently had the U adapter fitted the wrong way round. The problem came to light after a couple of repeated failures and Harken have advised the correct way the U shaped adapter that connects the ratchet block to the swivel base should be orientated.

Andrew’s drawing below shows the correct way up that the U adapter should be fitted, so that it can articulate fully.

Otherwise, the mainsheet block exerts too strong a sideways force on the U adapter, result in it failing as shown below.

Luckily Rodney has a good stock of replacement adapters available at Suntouched for a low cost, so if yours is cracked replace it before it fails and costs you a race!

Thanks to Andrew and Rodney for bringing this to BFA members attention.




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