Personal Sail Numbers (PSN).

FinnIn the Finn fleet you have the option of purchasing a sail number of your choice between 1 and 100 (depending on availability). The PSN may be used on all of your Finn sails, no matter which Finn you are sailing; it is your own personal number. You will become recognised by this number; Giles Scott’s personal sail number was 41. Each boat you race must also have its own separate Registered Sail Number. A PSN is not a substitute for boat registration, which is provided through the Registration Secretary, (click here for details). PSN’s are only available to paid-up members of the BFA. If you do not renew your annual membership by 31st March you automatically forfeit your PSN and it will be reallocated. PSN’s can be purchased for a period of four years for a cost of £99 for numbers 1-20 or £75 for numbers 21-100. All the money so raised previously went to support the Under 23 development programme and is now used to fund regional training events for all members to make use of.

Personal Sail Numbers available at 7th November 2023 are: 29, 38, 45, 87.

PSN’s can be purchased (subject to availability) or renewed by paid-up members by logging into your account on the BFA web collect Membership Services page then go to ‘Renew subscriptions’ then ‘Buy a different subscription’

Regatta Identification Form.

If you are racing with a personal sail number that is different from the registered hull number, you may be required at major and international regattas to show a Regatta Identification Form, showing the original registered sail number, the sail number the boat is racing under and the World Sailing sticker numberThis forms part of the Measurement Certificate and should be kept as part of the measurement certificate for inspection at event registration. You can download a copy of the form here.


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