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    Steven Peters

    The basic question is do the WB sails last longer than the North sails and roughly on average how much longer? My North main is starting to delaminate and the silly money North charge you would expect there sail cloth to last longer. I know they are made for performance but I estimate they are about £500 too much, when I told the Solo sailors at my club how much a North main was they couldn’t believe it . A solo sail is still a lot cheaper even with a set of carbon battens. Thanks Steve


    Hi Steve

    A North sail should not delaminate any more than any other, unless it is very old and has been left out in the sun? The WB sails are sometimes perceived to last longer because of their cross-cut construction which means the leach will stretch gradually over time as seams stretch and needle holes elongate, so any sinkage in the fabric will not be as obvious. However the designed shape is changing as the sail gets older, as all sails do! Unfortunately sails are a useable commodity that are only at their best for a year or so. The price is often more affected by exchange rates, I understand the WB sails in Euros are now more than a North sail in GPB.

    The Olympic squad sailors are a good source of nearly new sails as they move them on after only a few weeks use and around 50% of the new price, although they are sadly a rarer number now due to the recent Olympic decision

    Hope that helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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